Becoming a Circles(r) Ally

Am I a Mentor?

The word mentor implies that a person has a certain level of expertise over the person being mentored.

Most Allies have not lived in poverty and therefore, do not know how to get out of poverty.

Circle Leaders are encouraged to take on the leadership role in their journey toward economic stability.

What is a Circle Ally?

A volunteer working to

move families and communities

into economic

stability through:




I'm not an Expert!

A Veteran Circles Staff Member in La Grange, GA says , "When people ask me how we, or Circles, gets people out of poverty, I say WE DON'T. I have never gotten anyone out of poverty. The Circle Leaders get themselves out of poverty with the support of Allies and the Circles community."

~ You don't need to be an expert; just share your own life experiences.

~ There are workbooks, S.M.A.R.T. goals and experts to facilitate training to guide the Circle Leaders toward their unique goals. You are there to support. You are their cheerleader.

~ You will receive monthly check-ins along with other Allies. This is part of the collaborative piece. You are never in it alone! We walk with you!

~ Finally, you may receive personalized support from the Circles Chapter Coach at the community meeting or during private office hours.