Ally Brochure

Inside the Ally-Leader Relationship

My husband and I became involved with Circles because we were interested in assisting people who wanted to move out of poverty, and Circles was just forming in our community. We began as volunteers with the meals and childcare programs of the weekly meetings and eventually became Allies. Our Circle got off to a bit of a rough start because our Circle Leader tended to be closed off. She was self-reliant and busy. Her life as a single mother of three demanded this of her and she had become very independent. Gradually, over the course of several months, things began to change. We shared meals, celebrated birthdays, holidays, attended her children's events, barbecued in our backyard and played card games like a big family. It was during this transition that our relationship grew and trust began to take root. Over the next several months, we saw her blossom and her whole demeanor changed. She became more confident, peaceful and engaged. It was wonderful to watch this metamorphosis. It was then that we completely realized the power of what Circles could do. We had been privileged participants in facilitating positive, lasting change for another person, her family and, hopefully, generations to come.

-- Angie Hampton, Circle Ally


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