Children's Curriculum
Circle's Believes Children Are:

...intrinsically valuable. Each child who comes through our doors deserves to feel valued simply because they are valuable, not necessarily because of what they achieve.

...creative, imaginative, and intelligent. They approach problems differently than adults do. They are full of ideas and love to share them.

...capable of great things. Too often adults short change children and underestimate what they can accomplish. Setting the bar high for them often compels them to not only achieve what's set before them, but exceed expectations.

...leaders for the future. Investing in them will pay dividends down the road. Teaching them to think critically and dream big will mean one less person in poverty and one more leader who can contribute to positive change in the community.

15 Core Themes

* Building Relationships

* Respect

* Financial Literacy

* Emotional Health

* Mindfulness

* Learning Habits

* Compassion

* Bullying

* Service and Volunteerism

* Integrity

* Nutrition

* Fitness

* Literacy

* Communication

* Goal Setting