Become a Circle Leader?

Circles McPherson Kansas

Circle Leaders:

~ attend Training or Community Meeting once per week.

~ bring their spouse, partner, and/or child(ren) to each meeting.

~ receive a supper meal as part of the evening activities.

~ have educational programs provided to their school age child(ren)

along with infant care while their involved in a training or meetings with Allies.

What is a Circle Leader?
  • An individual or family of low income who is interested in becoming economically self-sufficient. Do you want to get financially ahead and off all entitlement/state programs? You become the Circle Leader!
  • The Circle Leader is responsible for leading, receiving, and giving support within their Circle. You know what you need... it's your journey... let Circles help you get there.
  • The Circle Leader works with Allies to build his or her plan discussed in the Circle Leader Training, which is required of each Circle Leader before being placed in a Matched Circle (2 assigned allies/intentional friends). You attend a 12 week class (once per week) with other Circle Leaders to evaluate your current situation along with setting goals and envisioning your personal road map to attain financial self-sufficiency.
  • Weekly community meetings take place after graduation from Circles Training. These meetings prepare Circle Leaders to take a leadership role in their Circle and to use their knowledge and skills as problem-solvers to work on poverty issues in the community. YES, you get a voice to share your help others understand what the struggle to become financially stable is like. YOU GET to be HEARD and can influence potential change within your own community to get rid of the barriers you know exist!