Circles Mental Model - Part 1

How It Works...In More Detail

Circle Leader - an individual or family who is committed to moving out of poverty and reaching at least 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Circle leaders will begin by taking a 12 week Circle Leader Training. Upon graduation they will be matched with 2 - 3 Allies.

Circle Ally - a person who volunteers to assist a Circle Leader in achieving his or her goals to leave poverty. Allies and Circle Leaders have intentional friendships. They meet at least 2 to 3 times per month at weekly community meetings. Allies attend training and receive on-going support from the Chapter Coordinator and Chapter Coach.

Matched Circle -a Circle Leader graduates and is assigned 2 to 3 Allies forming a Matched Circle. They meet throughout the month at the Community Meetings and work on the Circle Leader's plans and goals.

Weekly Community Meetings - the "heart and soul" of Circles. Each week the Circles community joins together for a meal and children's educational activities as Circle Leaders and Allies work to move individuals out of poverty. These weekly meetings are where relationships are built, problems are identified and solutions are discovered. They run in a 4 week monthly cycle. Week 1 : Matched circles meet. Week 2 : Circle Leaders work on their plans and Allies receive support. Week 3 : Programs take place for Circle Leaders. Allies can join in too. Resource teams meet at this time. Week 4 : Big View meeting with a focus on progress identification and discussion of system barriers, open house for potential allies, meeting with community leaders, media, etc, Week 5 : happens 4 times per year. This night builds community between Circle Leaders and their children with their Allies through participation in recreational and hands-on fun activities .