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Circles Mental Model - Part 2

Circles Mental Model - Part 2
How It Works…In More Detail

    Resource Teams – a group of community volunteers who serve on teams to support Circles.

    Services Team – serves as ambassadors to local organizations and other community stakeholders.  Develops donation streams, networks community resources and assists    with access to key community relationships.

    Big View & Cliff Effects Team – identifies, discusses and problem-solves systemic barriers to getting out of poverty.

    Recruiting Team – assists with recruitment of Allies and Circle Leaders; works to publicize Circles and makes presentations to groups as part of the recruitment process.


    Jobs & Education Team – builds social capital with employers and educational institutions in the community.  Assists Circle Leaders with job readiness skills and employment preparation tools.

    Community Team – arranges the logistics of the Weekly Community meeting (children’s’ programming, food, location setup)