Big View Team
  • Researches, educates, inspires and engages Circle Leaders, Allies community team members, civic leaders, and organizations to address systemic barriers that prevent individuals from moving out of pov erty, e.g. improving access to affordable housing, jobs, transportation, and healthcare
  • Liaison to state and national Big View efforts to mitigate the Cliff Effect
  • Coordinate research, progress reports and communication to stakeholders about the insights Circles is providing the larger community to reduce poverty

Team Functions:

  • Work with Circle Leaders and Allies to identify major barriers to moving out of poverty in local community
  • Develop and facilitate Big View meetings toward a 9--12 month outcome that increases the capacity of the community to reduce poverty
  • Organize the Big View and town hall meetings to engage the community around topics such as mitigating the "Cliff Effect"
  • Use Circles Cliff Effect Planning Tool to help Circle Leaders anticipate the Cliffs and develop plans to successfully navigate them
  • Coordinate local Cliff Effect work with CUSA
  • Assist staff in the data management and reporting; communicate results