Jobs & Education Team
  • Researches and establishes business and educational contacts and a soft-skills and hard-skills training resources to support Circle Leader Life Plans
  • Assists Circle Leaders in utilizing the job networks of the broader Circles community (Allies, volunteers, and community partners)
  • Informs, assesses and supports Circle Leaders and Allies with employment, career issues and educational pursuits
  • Provides support specifically to the educational and employment goals of Circle Leaders using job readiness materials and preparation tools

Team Functions:
  • Facilitate job readiness training
  • Workforce development referral process
  • Identify key employer's HR referrals
  • Identify higher education admissions and financial aid processes and resources
  • Identify adult learning and GED programs
  • Identify other key training institutions
  • Connect Circle Leaders to key contacts as needed
  • Establish relationships with local economic development agencies