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Youth Program Team

Youth Program Team


  • Assist the Circles® Greater Nashua Youth Coach in planning, preparation, organization and implementation of the Circles Children’s Program
  • Hands-on role that involves care of children infants to under 4 years old,  plus facilitating educational activities for children 4—6 years old, 7—10 years old, and 11 and up

Team Functions:

  • Support the Circles® Greater Nashua Youth Program Coach in the care, safety and education of children
  • Maintain an environment that is clean, safe and promotes children’s development at all levels
  • Arrange classroom environment to meet program goals
  • Assist with routine cleaning in the classroom
  • Address/discuss  children and parental concerns with the Circles® Greater Nashua Youth Program Coach
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Provide input on children’s growth, development and needs