We’re here with New Year's Greetings to All

& a long overdue update to our Circles Greater Nashua Chapter!

During this season we are grateful for the new Circles community that has formed here over the past months. Every Tuesday night future Circle Leaders (FCLs), children, staff, Allies and other volunteers have been meeting in the space so generously provided by the Main Street United Methodist Church. We begin each evening with a delicious, warm meal prepared by a variety of volunteer groups and served up by men and women of our host congregation.  These family-style meals give everyone a chance to relax together after a busy day, share conversation and laughter, and get to know each other in a warm, relaxing environment.

After the meal, groups of us head in different directions. The future CLs have been meeting with their Coach to work on setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals, learning new ways to work toward making positive change for themselves and their families, and establishing a workable financial plan based on their income to meet their current needs while working on their goals to increase their income.

The primary goal is for Circle Leaders to increase their income to 200% or higher of the Federal Poverty guidelines by the end of the 18-month initiative. One of the activities that the future Circle Leaders do is to create a vision board that encapsulates their three primary goals for their time in Circles – one for career, one for education, and a personal goal. It is these goals that they will be working toward with the support of their Allies after they have graduated from the initial Circles Training.

Children of the FCLs meet together with the Children’s Program leaders to do fun and educational activities that will help them become leaders in their own lives. Last week, as a special treat, the kids had a blast decorating their own Gingerbread Houses to share with their families!

While the FCLs and the kids have been off doing their activities, the Allies have been meeting to learn about what it means to survive rather than thrive, as well as the institutional barriers that make it very difficult for hard working, low income families to work their way up and out of poverty, right here in our community.

For January we are planning a big graduation celebration for the Circle Leaders, as well as many activities to help the CLs and the Allies to get to know and begin to bond with each other, before the Circle matches are made. We’ll talk about Circle Matches in our next update!

This month we would like to give a special shout out to all the volunteers who plan, prepare, serve and clean up after the wonderful meals we all enjoy every Tuesday evening. Thank you so much for all you do! 

~ Laurie         Laurie G. Goodman, Circles Chapter Coach 

~ Laurie         Laurie A. Skibba, Circles Chapter Coordinator

What is Circles Greater Nashua?

Circles USA

Equipping Families and Communities

“We believe no one should live in poverty. Families and communities can take charge of their destinies. And if given the right tools and support, economic stability can be achieved.   We see it happen in our chapters every day.

Through an approach that combines our techniques with the individualized support of our dedicated volunteers and the resources of organizations and communities, we create an environment that educates, empowers and equips our members to move up and out of poverty successfully.”

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