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“It has become clear that the biggest barrier to economic development at the community level is the lack of qualified workers.  So far,
the best and maybe only program  that works to-employ the chronically hard-to-employ and has the critical elements to scale is Circles."

Mark Lautman, Cofounder, Community Economic Labs

“Anytime I think of Circles, I think family.  Circles has helped me see the big picture of things.  I’m now a homeowner.  I have paid off most debts and

I have savings for the first time.  I now give back to Circles by facilitating classes and I look forward to one day being an Ally myself.â€

  Brian Gallamore, Circle Leader in Bartlesville, OK

“I got involved because I wanted to help.  Circles has made me think about people living in poverty in a different way.  Before this, I can honestly say
that I would have looked at someone who I thought was poor and crossed the street, making a whole lot of assumptions about them. 
After sharing meals and listening to some of the Circle Leaders, I realize that those were just that … assumptions. 
Now I’m involved because I’m ready to challenge others and to challenge the system that keeps people in poverty based on similar assumptions.â€

Bruce Ellison, Circles Ally in Albuquerque, NM

“Our philosophy is simple: if you are willing to work hard, you can achieve your dreams.  Through our work, Circles has discovered self-determined people can and will

significantly improve their economic stability and overall health if they have access to the necessary education, support networks and community resources.â€

Scott Miller, CEO & Founder, Circles; Author, Until It’s Gone

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